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Friday, January 27, 2012

We Should Have Danced

I hear all the old songs in new ways

What beast is it that has flow into my ear?

Surrounded by the suffering we've inflicted upon ourselves
I face the curved surface that holds my knowledge and see the myopic distortion

We were invited to dance

Don't you know that the Songs created the world?
Love songs
Yearning tunes
Angelic refrains
Ancient sounds of origins
the songs of birth, life
and death
Sung from a place deep within the center
of our hearts

Why did we pick up a stone and throw it through the center of the love?
and break the light that sang the Songs that made us whole?

We are destruct-ors when we could have been creators

we should have danced


  1. Beautiful, reporting for our dance team

  2. This is my response to your beautiful post, my dearest: "I Will Watch You Dance"

    I will stand in the wings and watch you dance--every turn and leap and pirouette. I will watch as you spin to a song that only you can hear emanating from your soul, but I, like the crowd, will be captivated by it. When you make your final step and bow, the thunder will be jealous of my applause!

    And when you come offstage with a bursting heart and tired feet, I'll smile at the first and massage the second.

    I will lie in a flower-strewn meadow and watch you soar above me on wings at once gossamer delicate and mountain strong. I will laugh as you hover and dip just beyond my reach and gasp as you throw yourself into a seeming wreckless dive, pulling up and just grazing my lips. And I will laugh again, at my own fear, for you know what your wings can do.

    And when your gossamer mountain wings grow tired. Or when the wind in your face blows too strong or too cold. Or when you misjudge a dive and injure a wing, I will hold you close--letting you rest, keeping you warm, tending your hurt, until you feel like flying again.

    I will stand beside you on a quiet hill while you stand still and silent. Where you reach your yearning roots down ever down to drink deep of the Water that nourishes you, drawing it up into yourself until you are filled. I will stand beside you as you stretch and grow ever higher wanting to feel the sunwarmth on every branch and leaf.

    And then I will lay down beside you in your shade reaching idly out to feel the your trunk smooth and strong and allow myself to drift into lovely sleep lullabied by the breeze passing through you. And I will smile.