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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Childhood Charms

Precious sister
you gave to me the center of my heart.

Born on a below zero day.
I sat in the car with daddy waiting.
I had no idea how much I needed

Playmate of school, Barbies and
Little People,
bicycles and iceskates,
shared sweaters but never shared shoes.

You were the
Companion of my imagination and
my whispy-haired friend.
I always loved you.

Like charms on my bracelet and yours:

You were pianos and carefulness,
crazy concoctions and
sturdy things that made a difference.
I was carousels and trees.
Incongruousness, difficult,
and hard to pin down.

But one thing was constant
throughout my life to yours,
I could never have loved you more.

I should have told you before
of my gratitude for your charm.
Children don't need to say,
they just know.

But time has unwoven us,
and I now tell you in imperfect words.
You were my gentle light.
You gave me a reason to feel love.

You gave me giggles and stories,
and protectiveness that you hated.
You gave me someone to adore.

It was so easy to cherish you,
little sister,
and to want the best for you.

Like charms on my bracelet and yours:
hearts, and happiness and love.